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  1. Am I guaranteed to get the roommate I chose on RoomSync?

  2. Can I block a user from chatting with me?

  3. Do I need to do anything else after I've matched on RoomSync?

  4. How do I accept a roommate request?

  5. How do I add social accounts to my profile?

  6. How do I change my 'In Common' items in profile?

  7. How do I change my name, email or sex on RoomSync?

  8. How do I change my profile picture?

  9. How do I chat with someone on RoomSync?

  10. How do I filter potential roommates by my lifestyle questions, sex, academic major or housing option?

  11. How do I join my community's matching network?

  12. How do I know if a roommate request I made was accepted or rejected?

  13. How do I request a roommate on RoomSync?

  14. How do I search for a specific roommate?

  15. How do I setup my RoomSync matching profile?

  16. How do I un-match my roommate?

  17. How do I unlink the RoomSync app from my Facebook account?

  18. How do I update my profile's Facebook interests?

  19. How does 'Like' and 'Skip' work on RoomSync?

  20. How long do I have to find my roommate on RoomSync?

  21. How many roommates can I request?

  22. I already joined RoomSync so why am I being asked for a passcode?

  23. I joined RoomSync and it was working fine but now is asking for a passcode - what happened?

  24. I received a roommate request e-mail notification but now I don't see the request?

  25. What are your terms of service?

  26. What do I do if my community or university isn't listed on RoomSync?

  27. What does RoomSync do with my email address?

  28. What happens if I don't match with a roommate on RoomSync?

  29. What if my academic major isn't listed?

  30. What information from my Facebook profile does RoomSync access?

  31. What platforms can I download RoomSync on?

  32. Where do I get a passcode to join RoomSync?

  33. Why can't I find a specific person in RoomSync?

  34. Why did I get an error when I clicked the link to join RoomSync?

  35. Why is there no one new to swipe on my Find tab in RoomSync?

  36. Why was my 'About Me' or 'My Ideal Roommate' section disapproved?

  37. Your RoomSync link has expired

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