What happens after I request my roommate?

After you have requested your potential roommate on RoomSync, you will see their picture in your 'Roommate Request' box on the RoomSync homepage listed as 'Pending'.

Your potential roommate will receive a notification that you have requested them on RoomSync as a roommate. He or she must go into the RoomSync application and accept your request in order for you to be officially matched on RoomSync.

Your school may require you to match officially through their housing portal in order to be officially matched by their records. How do you know if your school requires this extra task? That information should be available in the email that you received from your housing office about RoomSync. Can’t find the email? Go ahead and contact us at support@roomsync.com.

How do I know if my request has been accepted or rejected?

Do I need to do anything else after I've matched on RoomSync?

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