How do I switch networks?

What is a RoomSync community network? 

RoomSync Community Networks are built based on the information given to us by your university or housing community:

    • You may only join a community once you have signed a housing contract at one of our client communities and received the access code for the app from the housing office.
    • There is no reason to change your community network. If you need to change networks, please contact with your inquiry.

Subnetworks. If you want to change your subnetwork within your community's RoomSync network, you'll need to contact your community's housing/leasing office and request a link/code for the desired subnetwork.

If you've been placed in the wrong subnetwork, email

You can only belong to the network that was assigned to you by your housing community. You will need to contact your university or housing community if you want to change your network.

How do I get RoomSync at my new school/community?

How can I request a roommate?

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