How do I add the app?

If you are trying to add the RoomSync application, please view this slide show: 

More Information:

Request RoomSync. If your community has not contacted you about RoomSync, we may not currently be working with them.

How can I check if RoomSync is working with my community?

If we are not currently working with your community, you can forward our website to their housing/leasing office or you can request your community to us by emailing your information and the name of your school or apartment complex to

Passcodes/IDs. Passcodes/IDs and links directly to the app are provided by communities. RoomSync cannot respond to passcode inquiries. 

If you did not receive a direct link or passcode from your community, you'll need to request the appropriate one from your community's housing or leasing office. 

How do I search for possible roommates?

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