Where do I get a passcode to join RoomSync?

Your community should provide you with information on how to join its RoomSync network by either sending you an e-mail invitation or showing you RoomSync information on your housing portal website.

Each community decides when to invite residents to join RoomSync and when they will open RoomSync for the year. Usually, residents will not receive an invitation to join RoomSync until after they have fully committed to their housing community, left a deposit, signed a contract, etc and after the RoomSync go live date has passed as determined by your community.

If you heard about RoomSync through a friend or as a general announcement from your community, we do not recommend trying to join RoomSync. You will be asked for a passcode and will not be able to proceed until being invited by your community directly.

Please note, your e-mail where RoomSync invites are sent is NOT the same as the e-mail address associated with your registered Facebook or Google account. The e-mail where your community sends the RoomSync invitation is the e-mail that your community has on file for your housing application.

If you feel that the below applies to you, please send us your university/property name to support@roomsync.com and we can contact your community to verify your status:

  1. I have been accepted to live at this community, signed my contract, left my deposit
  2. The matching network for my community has already gone live in RoomSync for this year

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