How do I get a passcode or RoomSync ID?

RoomSync Invite. Your community should provide you with information on how to join its RoomSync network either via a special link OR passcode/ID. Colleges will provide this information once a student has signed a housing contract to live on campus.

Links vs. Access Codes. If you have a RoomSync link from your community, you'll be taken to your appropriate subnetwork when you click on the link and will not need a passcode/ID. If you have passcode/ID for your subnetwork, go to and use the passcode/ID to register for your school or apartment complex's RoomSync network.

Once you've registered for the app, make sure you bookmark so you can go into the network at anytime.

Contact Your Community. If you have not received a link/passcode/ID and directions on how to download the RoomSync app from your community, you'll need to contact your campus housing office or apartment's leasing office.

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