Where do I get a passcode to join RoomSync?

RoomSync Invite. Your community should provide you with information on how to join its RoomSync network either via a special link OR passcode/ID. Colleges will provide this information once a resident has signed a housing contract to live on campus.

Links vs. Access Codes. If you have a RoomSync link from your community, you'll be taken to your appropriate subnetwork when you click on the link and will not need a passcode/ID. If you have passcode/ID for your subnetwork, go to https://app.roomsync.com and use the passcode/ID to register for your school or apartment complex's RoomSync network.

Contact Your Community. If you have not received a link/passcode/ID and directions on how to download the RoomSync app from your community, you'll need to contact your campus housing office or apartment's leasing office.

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