How do I request a roommate?

If you are trying to request a roommate, please view this slideshow: 

More information:

When you click on the “Find Roommates” button on the homepage (, you will be brought to a page of roommates to browse through. While browsing your suggested roommates, you can:

  • ·      View their lifestyle preferences
  • ·      View your mutual friends
  • ·      Tag them to review later
  • ·      Send them a message through Facebook
  • ·      Request them as your roommate

When you find someone you’d like to request as a roommate, you can click request roommate on the bottom right corner of his or her mini-profile and add an optional message.

Next, you will see your requested roommate displayed in the “Roommate Request” box on the homepage. This request is pending until he or she has accepted your request. Once they have accepted your request, you will be matched on RoomSync.

NOTE: Some communities require residents/students to also officially match through their housing portal. This should be stated when you received the quick join link from your community along with a link to the portal.

Please contact us at if you have any other questions or concerns.

How do I tag roommates that I am interested in living with?

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