Why can't I message a user?

Facebook Privacy Settings. Unfortunately, if a user you are trying to message has their Facebook profile settings on private, you will not be able to message them.

In such a situation, we suggest sending them an email through the email icon under the picture on their mini-profile, or messaging them through the free-form text box that pops up when you use 'Request Roommate' button. (Remember, Roommate Requests can be withdrawn at anytime before the end of network period.)

If you want to have others be able to message you through Facebook you can change your Facebook privacy settings by following: How do I update my privacy settings to allow other users to message me?

Errors When Messaging All Users. If you are experiencing issues every time you click send message (to any user in RoomSync, not just limited to those with private profiles), please email suppport@roomsync.com with the following:

  • Your community (your college or apartment complex)
  • The text you see on this page (it should be your browser type and the 'Nerd Info')
  • A description and a screenshot of the issue you are experiencing
  • Your phone number and the best time to reach you

For immediate assistance, you can also call RoomSync Support directly at 352.327.4061 Option 2.

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