Why can't I find a specific person in RoomSync?

If you already know who you want to be roommates with, you can search for them in RoomSync. The user you search for may not appear in results for the following reasons:
  • The user may have a different name than what you searched, try searching just their last name
  • The user has not yet joined RoomSync
  • The user has signed for a different type of housing contract that is not compatible for you to live with
  • The user is already fully matched in RoomSync and cannot accept more requests
  • The user is a renewing resident and you are a renewing resident
If you and your desired roommate are both renewing residents, email support@roomsync.com and we can assist with matching you together as roommates. If you feel the user should appear in results, please contact us as well and we can help. 

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