How do I join my community's matching network?

Before trying to join your community's matching network, be sure you are allowed to access RoomSync. When your community is ready for you to join RoomSync, you will be notified to join via e-mail or a housing portal site.

When your community notifies you to join RoomSync, you will either be provided with a unique url link to join RoomSync or a general link ( + a passcode to enter. Follow your community's directions regarding RoomSync to join the matching network.

Joining using a unique link
If your community sent you a unique link, click the link and you will be prompted to register with a Google, Facebook, or Apple account. After registering, you will be prompted to join RoomSync via our web app (only accessible on a laptop or desktop) or our mobile apps, depending on your device. 

After you have logged in with your same Google, Facebook, or Apple credentials, you will be prompted to verify basic information such as your name and email. Click next and you are now joined in your community's network!

Joining using a general link and passcode
If your community provided you with a general link to RoomSync and a passcode to use, you will click the link and be guided to either the RoomSync web app or mobile apps depending on your device. 
  1. Login with Google, Facebook, or Apple
  2. Then join your Community's network by typing it in the search bar
  3. Select the appropriate subnetwork
  4. Select the appropriate unit type
  5. Enter your passcode
  6. Verify your basic information

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