How do I filter potential roommates by my lifestyle questions, sex, academic major or housing option?


If you see too many possible roommate options to choose from, you may want to filter your results down to only the users that are compatible with you. You can use the filtering tool to do just this!

When you are on the Swipe view Saved Swipes view, click the magnifying glass icon in the top right of the screen. Select 'Filter by Preferences'.

On this screen, you will see options to filter users by sex, lifestyle preferences, academic majors and housing options. It is possible that your community will not have sex, majors or housing activated for your matching group. Don't be alarmed if these options are not appearing for you!

When applying the Lifestyle Filter, we will show potential roommates that fit within the ranges you set for your ideal roommate, not what you set for yourself.  We'll show results that are 100% lifestyle match based on the following factors:
  • 1-5 scale ranges on My Ideal Roommate section of your profile
  • Preferences on smoking and pet questions in About Me section of your profile (if activated by your community)
You can apply multiple filters at once and when you click 'Apply Filters' you will see anyone that fits within your filter settings. To clear your filters and see everyone, click the 'Clear All Filters' button that appears near the top of the results screen.

If you want to update your filter, simply click the magnifying glass icon again to return to the filter setting screen. 

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