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How to fix if itunes not working

iTunes is an important and free app used to manage all the music, movies, TV shows, books etc on Apple devices. Therefore, it would be frustrating if users have their iTunes not working on macOS, Windows, Apple TV or iPhone iPad. Therefore, here we gather 2018 most common problems with iTunes and respective fixes, for example, iTunes store/wifi sync/match/home sharing not working and more. If your iTunes has stopped working properly, you may find a solution here.

2018 iTunes Not Working Problems & Effective Solutions
#1 iTunes home sharing not working
Home Sharing will stream iTunes library among up to five other computer, Apple TV or any iOS devices over the home network wirelessly. The most common problems with iTunes home sharing not working 2017 include iTunes won't sharing with iPhone iPad, Apple TV or Home Sharing not working on Windows... This problem may involve network, Apple ID, firewall or device settings. Try the fixes below:

* Turn off Home Sharing feature on all devices and turn it on after a while;
* Check if the Apple ID is the same on all devices;
* Check the Bonjour service: Edit > Preferences > Sharing;
* Switch the iTunes sharing route from iP4 to iP6;
* Check the firewall security settings.

#2 iTunes Store not working
Sometimes users run into iTunes Store connection problems with an error message saying that Cannot connect to iTunes Store. Those "iTunes has stopped working" problems are caused by different reasons. When you see connection message, or iTunes Store won't load or open, luckily that there some effective fixes to those problems.

* Switch DNS settings on iPhone iPad to Google's or;
* Disable the VPN for a while;
* Disable iTunes parental controls;
* Check if the time & date is correct;

#5 iTunes Wi-Fi sync not working
Wi-Fi sync is a feature of iTunes that allows users to transfer data between iDevices and computer over Wi-Fi without USB cable. This feature is convenient, but it's meaningless when iTunes Wi-Fi sync not working. However, users have suffered quite a lot of problems with iTunes WiFi sync, e.g. iTunes won't see iPhone, wifi sync gets stuck etc.

* Turn off and on the WiFi connection on both iDevices and computer;
* Disable Handoff on iPhone iPad in the Settings;
* Update iTunes to latest version and also get ;
* Make sure iDevices are checked for sync via wifi;
* Check more tips on.


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